Elite Commando Shooting War



Elite Commando Shooting War; behind enemy lines – the ultimate commando action shooter!

This is the story of a war and peace.

This is the story of a commando, an elite killer, the Black Ops, who does combat mission. The story of an elite commando. The last hope for a rogue nation.

Commandos are the most courageous soldiers in military forces. It’s something modern; they are the sons of war. In seconds, they can destroy enemy bases, their existence light up hopes for rogue nation. In bullet storm, they push enemies towards dead end, where they can nowhere to run.

Few months back, you were an elite commando and well-trained soldier. Your nation was Greenpeace, and your family was alive. But then the modern warfare started. Citizens and military forces were under attack by our neighbor special ops team. Many died in this modern warfare, including most of your own sons of war, caught surprisingly in battlefield. The war ended very soon, the invasion succeeded and citizens were martyred mercilessly. They’re the Black Ops

Only your special Ops team is a last hope to them.

Take your rifle and hunt down your enemies dead or alive. Combat is everything for them. The War. The modern warfare. The Elite Commando Shooting War critical ops awaits you.

The Elite Commando  is a first person shooter where you portray a fierce elite commando in a tactical battle around the ruins of nation. Fight behind enemy lines, try to survive for vengeance.

Elite Commando Shooting War critical ops is free military force commando game. Download it now!!


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